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Daily Links for January 12th through January 15th

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Dec 09

Daily Links for December 13th through December 14th

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  • Top Ten blogs: Social Media Measurement « The Seldom Seen Kid – How we measure social media ROI is the hot topic in comunications at the minute. What metrics can we use, what new ideas can we develop, and my particular favouritedo we even need to measure ROI?

    I thought I’d collate this after reading and commenting on this post by Mike Litman got my brain swhirling.

    Here’s ten of my favourite posts discussing social media ROI, there’s some classics, and some newer pieces too:

  • Social Media ROI Superlist « Pivotal Branding – We’ve talked a lot lately about the ROI of social media and how we measure success. There are a variety of theories on the most effective way to assess social media ROI, and Interactive Insights Group has created one of the most comprehensive list of resources I have ever seen.
  • 16 social media guidelines used by real companies | Blog | Econsultancy – In a post I wrote called the A-Z of social media for brands I decided that P stands for Policy. I'm not one for too many rules and regulations, but it is a good idea to define some clear guidelines to help staff (especially novices) to do the right thing.

    So let’s take a look at some real world social media policies and guidelines as used by companies. Zappos does a great job of summing it up in seven words, but the detail is also important and there are some fine suggestions here…

  • Poll shows skepticism on gov social media efforts – General News – “It’s pretty clear that most SmartBrief on Social Media readers feel the White House hasn’t been able to fulfill its lofty goals of providing more transparency through technology,” says Chaney.Despite the negative results of the survey, Chaney does believe that the government is at least headed in the right direction. “I’m encouraged that, whether you agree with his politics or not, we have a president who sees the advantages of a collaborative, grassroots approach to government. Whether the government will become a ‘platform’ of, for, and by the people remains to be seen.”
  • Blogging Stats, Facts And Data: 2009 Blog Statistics By The Numbers – The annual state of the blogosphere report provided by Technorati always provides a ton of interesting information for bloggers, marketers and PR pros to use and reuse. My only issue with it is they make us read through pages upon pages of content to get at the good bits, and don’t provide a list of just the stats as a resource.

    Well fear not, I’ve gone through the entire report for you and pulled out just the stats that I found compelling. These are useful for presentations, blog posts or even Tweets and are good all year: remember, we don’t get another one until late 2010.

  • eyePlorer.com – Our approach is inspired by current research results from cognitive science, computational linguistics and neurobiology. We aim at radically improving the way users interact with knowledge and information online. Recent studies show that human thought processes have a strong visual component and that the brain can process images significantly faster than textual information. We are convinced that it is time for innovative, interactive, visual methods of working with and discovering facts and information instead of wading through ever longer lists of documents and search results.
  • MagCover’s Most Famous Magazine Covers! – Create your own magazine covers!
  • http://www.axiis.org/examples/BrowserMarketShare.html – An infographic detailing blogger share. You'll note the current result resembles the Firefox logo.

Nov 09

Daily Links for November 27th through November 28th

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  • Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business – The Visual-Literacy.org e-learning course will be used as an online leveling course as well as a blended skill-building course for students of fourteen different university courses in four universities (for more than 500 students). These courses require advanced analytical and conceptual visualization skills in order to transform abstract thought efficiently into graphic, tangible forms and to manage the topic complexity and the problems addressed in each class.
  • Think Progress » REPORT: At Least 40 GOP Lawmakers Fail A Principle Of The ‘Purity Test’ – [The] resolution, if adopted, would boot key Republican candidates running for the Senate next year. National Republicans recruited Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) to run for the Senate, even though they have bucked conservative orthodoxy in the past.

    ThinkProgress has conducted an analysis that finds at least 40 current Republican members of Congress have violated at least one principle of the purity test[.]

  • Baltimore City Paper: Crash Course: The Maryland Millionaire Count, Tax Scams, and Train Wrecks – In a capitalist system, investors make money not despite hiring workers, but because they hire workers who, if they are adequately managed, create value in excess of the wages and benefits they are paid. This value is called "profit," and the business' owner gets to keep that, after paying taxes.

    In a properly functioning capitalist economy, rich people don't "create jobs" for workers; workers, upon having jobs, create rich people.

    That's how the system works, in theory.

  • Report Says Police and Catholic Church Hid Abuse in Dublin – NYTimes.com – But rather than helping the victims, the church was concerned only with “the maintenance of secrecy, the avoidance of scandal, the protection of the reputation of the church, and the preservation of its assets,” said the 700-page report, prepared by a group appointed by the Irish government and called the Commission of Investigation Into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin.
  • The Origin of Big | The Loom | Discover Magazine – If the scientists are right, they may have discovered one of the big ironies in evolution. Lunge-feeding may have allowed whales to become the biggest animals ever to roam the planet. But this was not an open-ended invitation.r. Once whales got large enough, lunge feeding itself became so costly it prevented them from getting any bigger. Perhaps some day another animal will evolve a new strategy that will let it get even bigger than a blue whale. But for the animal kingdom as we know it, we may be sharing the planet with the biggest species it can offer.

Nov 09

Daily Links for November 5th through November 8th

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  • NSFW: After Fort Hood, another example of how ‘citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth – There was just one problem: Moore’s information was bullshit too.

    As we now know, Major Hassan was not killed, but rather captured alive. Reports of a second – and third – shooter also now appear to be inaccurate. Whether someone was shot “in the balls” hasn’t been publicly confirmed and, for the sake the of the victim’s privacy, let’s hope it never is – but the point is that many of Moore’s eye-witness reports weren’t worth the bits they were written on. They had no value whatsoever, except as entertainment and tragi-porn.

  • iSportacus » Blog Archive » A Few Thoughts About the Phils on an Emotional Day – [With] two outs in the top of the 9th of Game 6 and the Phillies trailing 7-3, Shane Victorino came to the plate. Battling a severely injured finger and the best relief pitcher in Major League baseball history, Shane refused to go down quietly. Cracking foul ball after foul ball, each one certainly causing him pain, Shane kept our dimmest of hopes alive. Someone at the bar uttered, “If Shane can get on, it’s Chase and then Howard. There’s still hope.” And that, my friends, is where Philadelphia stands today. Even in the direst of circumstances, down 7-3 in the top of the 9th with two outs and two strikes, Philadelphians no longer say, “We’re screwed.” They say, “There’s still hope.” That is no small thing. It is the legacy of both a team we’ve learned to never give up on and an announcer that we’ll never forget.
  • Study Paints iPhone Users As Porn-Watching Egomaniacs – iPhone users find cool gadgets more attractive than college degrees, frequently watch "adult material" on their phones, and have no qualms texting or emailing a break up, reports a new study from Retrevo.
  • Are Your People Financially Literate? – HBR.org – Asked to take a basic financial-literacy exam—a test that any CEO or junior finance person should easily ace—a representative sample of U.S. managers from C-level executives to supervisors scored an average of only 38%. A majority were unable to distinguish profit from cash. Many didn’t know the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet. About 70% couldn’t pick the correct definition of “free cash flow,” now the measure of choice for many Wall Street investors.
  • The History and Evolution of Social Media | Webdesigner Depot – In this article, we’ll review the history and evolution of social media from its humble beginnings to the present day.

Oct 09

Daily Links for October 7th

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  • Gore Vidal’s United States of fury – Americas, World – The Independent – When did this happen to Gore Vidal? When did he go from righteous – and right – opposition to atrocities carried out by his own government, to justifying any atrocity against it, no matter how extreme? When I ask him, his scowl turns to a sneer, and he says I am ignorant and clearly haven't read anything. I decide to try a different approach. I ask him – if there were more people like McVeigh, would that be a good thing? There is a crack in his hauteur, and he says: "It strikes me as a perfect nightmare. Of course I don't want more people like McVeigh. Since Americans refuse to think about anything, being incapable I suspect of thought, then they're not going to come to any conclusions except mistaken ones."
  • OkTrends: Your Race Affects Whether People Write You Back – When I first started looking at first-contact attempts and who was writing who back, it was immediately obvious that the sender’s race was a huge factor. Here are just a handful of the numbers that illustrate that:

    The takeaway here is that although race shouldn’t matter in messaging, it does. A lot.

  • Michael Salmonowicz – The Report Card – The Simpsons takes on education – True/Slant – I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that the entire episode is focused on an event (and its aftermath) that occurs in Bart’s classroom. The show’s underlying political/social commentary is spot-on, including jabs at new teachers, veteran teachers, education reform, technology in the classroom, the debate over core knowledge v. critical thinking skills, and more. I was laughing out loud, even though I had to read all the dialogue on closed captioning. Anyone who has spent time in a public school as a student, teacher, or parent will appreciate this, so if you have 22 minutes to spare, visit Fox’s The Simpsons site and watch the episode!
  • Transparency: The Rise of Atheism in America | GOOD – America has always been a religious country. But a recent study finds that might be changing; The percent of the country who considers themselves atheists is rising rapidly. While they still make up a small minority in comparison to the major religions, the current trends indicate that we may not be one nation, under God, forever. Our latest Transparency is a look at what we believe.
  • Rupert Murdoch’s Communist Business Ties – Is Rupert Murdoch a Communist? – Esquire – However, there is still one powerful American who has extensive connections with communists — not just some communists, but some of the most powerful communists in the world. According to an extensive report in the New York Times, this man has "flattered Communist Party leaders and done business with their children," met repeatedly with senior members of the communist Politburo, "cooperates closely" with communist censors and propaganda networks, and "cultivates political ties" with communists in the hope that they will "insulate his business ventures." Not only that, but he "often supports the policies" of communist leaders and "attacks their critics."