Oct 14

Missed by that much.

I have to think that having the Palins in the White House would have made the Clinton years soooo boring.

Sep 14


Saw this comment about Homicide: Life on the Street on this LGM thread attributed to crime novelist Trevanian:

[P]retending that criminals are masterminds is a way to cover up the incompetence of police.

Useful to remember regarding our National Security State and the National Media as we approach the anniversary of 9/11 and lose our minds all over again about ISIL/ISIS.

Aug 14

Humor often accompanies sadness.

As this Groucho Marx joke via BoingBoing attests, humor and depression can go hand-in-hand.

If you wanted to watch Robin Williams movies online, Time.com has a list.. We haven’t seen the last of him; he left us with four pictures in the can.

Aug 14

A Tricky Dick

It looks like Twitter’s @dick_nixon has been revealed. Previously.

Jun 14


I said this to a friend via text message:

“In your teens and twenties you think you’ll ‘grow-up’ and do important things. ┬áBy your 30s and 40s you realize that “only” means being a good husband and father”.

That’s okay, right?*

*Said while watching relevant music videos from the 1990s and early 2000s and “120 Minutes” clips while drinking beers with the dog.