Dec 14

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – the Special Edition

I wrote about the horrors of George Lucas’ revisionism to the Original Trilogy several times in posts such as Han Shot First and Star Worse, (along with a story of Topher Grace’s epic edit, which originated in Harmy’s Despecialized Special Edition.  If you really wanted the long of this experience, you could just watch the movies in Machete Order).

Well, if you were wondering what SW:TFA would look like specialized, wonder no more.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m more than a little surprised this hasn’t been taken down already.


Nov 14

Do you feel it?

By now you must have seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (iTunes link, embed below), right?

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t be fooled by the fan-made trailers, like this one.

And now, some value-added links:

Oct 14

Missed by that much.

I have to think that having the Palins in the White House would have made the Clinton years soooo boring.

Sep 14


Saw this comment about Homicide: Life on the Street on this LGM thread attributed to crime novelist Trevanian:

[P]retending that criminals are masterminds is a way to cover up the incompetence of police.

Useful to remember regarding our National Security State and the National Media as we approach the anniversary of 9/11 and lose our minds all over again about ISIL/ISIS.

Aug 14

Humor often accompanies sadness.

As this Groucho Marx joke via BoingBoing attests, humor and depression can go hand-in-hand.

If you wanted to watch Robin Williams movies online, Time.com has a list.. We haven’t seen the last of him; he left us with four pictures in the can.