Feb 14

I have a hard time envisioning Johnny Carson or Jay Leno doing this.

Can you imagine Johnny Carson doing this in the 1960s or Jay Leno doing it in the 1990s without it looking absolutely ridiculous?  See Jimmy Fallon’s and Justin Timberlake’s History of Rap Parts 1-4 (part 5 is below).  The olds probably hate hate hate this.

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Feb 14

Just like high school…

Between some local school district shenanigans regarding our school board, a separate Facebook community bitchfest where ‘the locals’ bemoan the impact of implants (they mean transplants) on our bucolic small town (FYI, I’m an ‘implant’), and the ongoing destruction of the career of Chris Christie (TPM, the New Republic, and Esquire have been owning this beat) due to his own administrative incompetence and reliance on various high school flunkies, I’m left thinking that New Jersey’s particular problems might be based on a certain provincialism based on who-was-who in high school or who were the big men on campus in their local communities.

Feb 14

Farewell, Forrestal.

The USS Forrestal has been sold for $.01 for scrap. I wrote this earlier on MeFi about the sinkex of the former USS America.

Jan 14

Here I stand, in the light of day.

My kids love Disney’s Frozen.  I have to admit, I do as well.  Disney movies in general - particularly those aimed at girls – trade in the same familiar tropes.  For instance, nearly every Disney animated movie begins with the death of a parent, with the rich story ecosystem of the Pixar movies being an exception.  The various princess movies from the beginning through the mid-1990s were all the same – a damsel in distress waiting for her daring and brave prince.  Things have been different, especially with the post-millennium princesses.

It started with The Princess and the Frog (to be fair there’s some movies I’ve missed – say Mulan and Pocahontas).  My personal favorite part of this movie is the scene chewing of David Keith’s Doctor Facilier.  But the other highlight is that Tiana saves her self, and saves her prince, too.

Frozen kicks it up a notch. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Jedi Obama

From TPM commenter datura on this thread:


I want this (regarding the Outlaw Jersey Whale) to be true.