Jun 14


I said this to a friend via text message:

“In your teens and twenties you think you’ll ‘grow-up’ and do important things.  By your 30s and 40s you realize that “only” means being a good husband and father”.

That’s okay, right?*

*Said while watching relevant music videos from the 1990s and early 2000s and “120 Minutes” clips while drinking beers with the dog.



Jun 14

Probably going away, but…

I always considered myself Team Nirvana (and not Team Pearl Jam).  The reality is that Pearl Jam now is probably better than the eventual disappointment that would have been Nirvana.  That said, someone posted the entirety of Nirvana’s induction in the Hall of Fame. That they invited the women with them they did is just icing on the cake.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, Dave Grohl bangs the skins like a goddamn gorilla.



Apr 14


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The song in the most recent Apple commercial (with a tagline of “You’re more powerful than you think“) is about a giant black penis (lyrics).

Feb 14

I have a hard time envisioning Johnny Carson or Jay Leno doing this.

Can you imagine Johnny Carson doing this in the 1960s or Jay Leno doing it in the 1990s without it looking absolutely ridiculous?  See Jimmy Fallon’s and Justin Timberlake’s History of Rap Parts 1-4 (part 5 is below).  The olds probably hate hate hate this.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Feb 14

Just like high school…

Between some local school district shenanigans regarding our school board, a separate Facebook community bitchfest where ‘the locals’ bemoan the impact of implants (they mean transplants) on our bucolic small town (FYI, I’m an ‘implant’), and the ongoing destruction of the career of Chris Christie (TPM, the New Republic, and Esquire have been owning this beat) due to his own administrative incompetence and reliance on various high school flunkies, I’m left thinking that New Jersey’s particular problems might be based on a certain provincialism based on who-was-who in high school or who were the big men on campus in their local communities.