Jun 15

Do they even read the lyrics?

Trump using Keep on Rocking in the Free World (video/lyrics/story) is as tone deaf as Reagan using Born in the USA (video/lyrics/story).  Do they read the verse lyrics or only care about the chorus?

Apr 15

Deer Hunting With Jesus.

You owe it to yourself to read this article about Joe Baegant, who I would best describe as a Southern Hunter S. Thompson.  The now deceased Baegant’s writings were a significant part of my political awakening.  Via Metafilter.  Joe’s website is here.

Jan 15

Presidential Batting Averages

Presidents don’t tend to get much of what they ask for at their States of the Union. Baseball batting averages are a useful analogy.

Oct 14

Missed by that much.

I have to think that having the Palins in the White House would have made the Clinton years soooo boring.

Aug 14

A Tricky Dick

It looks like Twitter’s @dick_nixon has been revealed. Previously.