Daily Links for December 11th

  • Retailer Survival Tips – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog – The holidays are going to stink. But I'm hopeful that the crisis will be cathartic for retailers, and that the smart ones will embark in 2009 on the true journeys of reinvention that, up to now, they've barely even recognized, let alone begun.
  • Philadelphia Will Do » Give This The Pulitzer – Does it get any better than these courtroom sketches of Rod Blagojevich? Why yes, yes it does, in the form of a Chicago Sun-Times story headlined, “Is Blago’s hair a sign of sickness?
  • Politics and the Federal Prosecutor—By Scott Horton (Harper’s Magazine) – Scott Shane got off to a good start with a piece in yesterday’s New York Times in which he reviews Fitzgerald’s career. It made me think of a tale that an alumnus of the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office, a contemporary of Fitzgerald’s, recounted to me recently–while acknowledging that it might be pure legend. Fitzgerald, he said, had a reputation as the most work-obsessed young assistant prosecutor on a staff of workaholics. His social life was thought to be non-existent. But once Fitzgerald invited a young woman he was dating over to his bachelor’s apartment. His date made a horrifying discovery: opening his oven, she found a dish of lasagna, covered with mold. It had evidently been sitting there for weeks. Fitzgerald, it seems, lived off of take-out and rarely spent an evening at home in his apartment.
  • Hullabaloo: Epic Ideological Fail – Democrats are working very hard to discredit the very concept of ideology in favor of technocratic competence. And I would guess most Americans find that to be something of a relief by now. But I think it's as much a mistake to sweep this under the rug as it is to let bygones be bygones on the torture regime. There is ideology and then there is ideology and people should know the difference. These dogmatic deregulators and market fundamentalists ran a decades long experiment that failed on an epic scale. If the country doesn't understand what went wrong here — if they get confused by complexity and propaganda — there is every reason that the free lunch mentality these ideologues promoted will make a comeback the minute we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ideology matters.
  • Hemmings Auto Blogs » Blog Archive » Car One: America’s first retail sale – With sales of some makes down as much as 85 percent in November, I thought I’d look back at where it started, more than 110 years ago with the first known retail sale of an automobile[.]
  • Daily Prince Uncovers Earth-Shatteringly Elitist Document > aepi, alumni, great moments in college journalism, legacies, Princeton | IvyGate – At a time when desegregation was the all the rage and Stanford neared a 2:1 male-to-female ratio, Old Nassau whispered sweet nothings into nepotistic alumni's age-spotted ears: Worry not, ye rich and backwards-minded old people. Princeton holds your Y-chromosomed offspring to the absolute lowest of standards, now and forever!
  • car-cloud.png (PNG Image, 950×642 pixels) – A tagcloud of key words in each of the Big 2.5s respective auto bailout plans.
  • Calculated Risk: The Ten Trillion Dollar Man Update – Four years ago [the author] predicted the Total Public Debt Outstanding would reach $10 trillion by the time Mr. Bush left office in Jan 2009. [The author] jokingly called him the "$10 trillion man". [The author] was too optimistic.
  • The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook: The Most Egregious Sins on Social Media Sites, Exposed » techipedia | tamar weinberg – A guidebook for online etiquette beyond email to social networks.
  • Voting and Families: America’s Second Demographic Transition | Newgeography.com – Economic issues definitely played a role in designating the winner in 2008. But the spatial map of the election results is more a reflection of sociological differences in lifestyles and their underpinning ideologies – issues which are captured so well via the “second demographic transition” features.

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