“Comedy Has A Liberal Bias.”

It would be way too easy to point to the scores of liberal and progressive blogs saying that Joel Surnow's "1/2 Hour News Hour" couldn't find "teh funny" if it was WMDs, but where's the challenge in that?  Instead, lets look at what the Conservative Blogosphere and Traditional Pundits are saying…

Rush's spin:

People have expressed an interest to be able to see and read that themselves and it's up there as well. Now, I want to warn you people, YouTube is nothing more than a left-wing Google.

Google owns it, and YouTube… Some of the kook-fringe left hang out there, and there are already gazillions of comments about this little skit of Coulter and me as president and vice president respectively. I don't want you people to be affected by this. If you read these comments, it's going to make you mad. They're just juvenile and insane, which is typical. So you don't have to read them if you don't want to.


But just keep in mind when you do see the whole program, that what you're essentially watching are pilots which are traditionally put together with less than what a full budget would be. I'm not making excuses for it; I just want you to understand what you're watching. This is not the end-all product. This is an attempt to find an audience to get the program into full production.

Michael Medved on TownHall:

Despite such concerns, there's scant justification for the hysteria from so malcontents on the right who've seen only moments of The 1/2 Hour News Hour on YouTube. For several reasons, the full shows aren't nearly as lame as claimed and there are several reasons that angry observers have gotten the show wrong.

Nothing from other luminaries such as InstapunditHugh Hewitt, Powerline, the great unwashed at LGF, Captains Quarters, etc….

Maybe the producers leaked this to lower expectations, thereby ensuring our surprise at the quality of the pilot will be that much more pleasant. Maybe?

Allah Pundit at HotAir

Pee-yoo! It's inconceivably bad. I'm not going to take the trouble to formulate sentences about how bad it is and why it's so bad. It's just too completely bad!

Ann Althouse 

Still, the show hasn't even debuted yet, so I think people are rushing to judgment here. Give it a few weeks and let's see how it does. It may turn out to be a lot better than people think.


So, Fox isn't going to take the easy route and go for laughs – anyone can do that. They know conservatives are thinkers, and that's their target audience. It must be working, too, because I get a headache and a bad taste in my mouth every time I watch that clip – probably from thinking too hard.

Wuzzadem (I think this is parody.  Or satire.  Maybe.) 

On the other hand, from the little bit I’ve seen of it, I happen to think the show is GENIUS!  So, if any of those responsible for putting this thing on happen to read this post and are looking for a good, clean, wholesome comedy writer, please—know that I’m available.

-Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom 

Material so weak, in fact, that one suspects the writers are all liberals deliberately sabotaging the show, or so horribly out of touch with conservative opinion as to have no real idea what a conservative might find funny, or — likeliest of all — convinced conservatives are abject morons who will not get a joke unless it's seltzer-down-the-pants woca-woca-woca sledgehammer obvious.

Ace of Spades HQ 

Sometimes a late-term abortion is not a bad thing. Seriously, this baby poses a threat to the health of the mother.


"The [Obama] clip starts off a little weak but ends strong."

Neocon Express 

My recommendation: fire up the TiVo, because THHNH is destined to be an enduring classic. Kudos to you, Roger Ailes and Joel Surnow, for letting the comsymp comedy world know that when it comes to laffs, nobody can top us conservatives!


Satire of this nature has been needed for a long time, it's a shame they screwed it up. Or at least screwed up the "leaked" segments. Everyone knows Obama bin Laden is the first clean black man in politics. BO Magazine? Oh give me a break, I'm not 10 years old anymore.

But the burning question is, will I watch the whole show on Sunday? Of course. Will it sting and burn like a urinary tract infection? Absolutely.


Anyway, maybe it won't suck… but it doesn't really have to be good either. Considering all the complaints about the left-wing tilt of other late night shows, I think mediocre is all the Half Hour News Hour needs to aim for. 

-"Conservative humorist" Frank J. at IMAO 

while there is work to be done to make the show "workable", the initial offerings or "taste tests" have left a very sour taste in my mouth as well I'm sure many others. If I were the head of FOXNews I would strongly consider pulling the show and working out some of the kinks before launching a show that appears to be an amateur offering

Blue State Conservative 

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