May 09

Clips from the White House Corespondents Dinner.

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Mar 09

Daily Links for March 8th through March 9th

  • Color Theory for Cinematographers – Outside Hollywood – Color is such a powerful part of cinema storytelling that we should never neglect it. And despite the power of modern color correction tools, we can never leave it chance or expect to come up with a highly effective Ridley-Scott-style color script [of Blackhawk Down] in post. All the Cs of cinematography take careful thought and a lot of planning to use properly, but when plotted out, they add a tremendous amount of storytelling power.
  • The Next Bush Torture Bombshell – The Daily Beast – John Yoo authored the Bush memos on torture and suspending civil liberties. But an upcoming Justice Department report could contain new revelations—perhaps that the memos were written to provide legal cover for programs already in place. Will Yoo’s fate decide that of top Bush officials?
  • FiveThirtyEight.com: Politics Done Right: Who Sits Where? – How are these seats assigned? The White House Correspondents Association determines who sits, not the White House Press Office. “Everything out there,” a White House staff person told me when I first arrived, referring to the demarcation between White House Press Staff offices and the working press areas, “we have nothing to do with.”

    The WHCA's Executive Board meets regularly. The board knows the media landscape is changing, and it has the thankless task of having to accommodate increasingly frequent demand for reallocation of seat assignments. At a recent meeting, seats were juggled and the chart changed.

    According to a media source, "In the past, the game of musical chairs in the briefing room was a combination of petty media politics and sucking up to the administration." As for the changes made after the recent board meeting, "This latest alignment does justice to the state of the mainstream media in the White House press corps."

  • The Ten Commandments of Managing Online Communities – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog – This is a great set of activities that I think help to define what a community manager does and what community management is. It is much more than just moderation of forums, also including strategic elements, such as considering how you monitise a community, or how you work with the different groups to grow and shape the conversations and the benefits all parties are getting.
  • Economics Professors Are Unshaken by Financial Crisis – NYTimes.com – Yet prominent economics professors say their academic discipline isn’t shifting nearly as much as some people might think. Free market theory, mathematical models and hostility to government regulation still reign in most economics departments at colleges and universities around the country. True, some new approaches have been explored in recent years, particularly by behavioral economists who argue that human psychology is a crucial element in economic decision making. But the belief that people make rational economic decisions and the market automatically adjusts to respond to them still prevails.

May 06

Colbert Hits the Papers, but in Columns, not the News.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have stepped in regarding their non-coverage of Stephen Colbert's appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner. 

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