Jan 09

Daily Links for January 7th

  • Calculated Risk: Fed Fears Long Recession – The Fed projects GDP to decline in 2009 "as a whole", and unemployment to "rise significantly into 2010". The Fed also expects disinflationary pressures to continue into 2010.
  • air_force_blog_char.jpg (JPEG Image, 735×1106 pixels) – This flowchart highlights the blog reading decision making tree for the Air Force. I'd say it's actually quite good, assuming their intentions include being informative and not distributing solely propaganda.
  • Google Trends: sears | closing | kmart – I've had a lot of search queries hitting my site for "sears store closing" referencing the "store closing list post". Based on the Google Trends chart, it's an annual occurrence, right after Christmas.
  • Cereal Box Archive – Here is an archive of hundreds of cereal boxes, with even more to come.
  • What a Penny Saved Costs – WSJ.com – Now that Americans are trying to rebuild wealth lost during the housing and market turmoil, the saving rate is starting to climb again. It was 2.8% in November and is expected to top 4% in the coming months as consumers retreat due to their declining net worth.

    The big question is whether personal savings will grow to such an extent that it will damp consumption and growth, says William Cline, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The matter is particularly pressing for the U.S. economy, where consumer spending powers more than 70% of gross domestic product.

  • Employees Still Expecting Bonuses, Raises — Aren’t Worried About Layoffs – OK, or maybe it's a smaller scale example of that mind trick we all play on ourselves where we forget the whole everybody-dies-someday thing so we can keep focusing on living — you know, working these here very important desks of ours. But that's a normal, healthy strategy — and so is all this optimism. Employers, you should take advantage of it. Fully 74% of respondents expect to take on more responsibilities to avoid a layoff. Give them more work! They like it! They expect it. And then, if you have to lay them off, do so. Your remaining employees won't worry about themselves a bit.