Dec 09

Daily Links for December 17th through December 20th

All excerpts are quoted from the respective link(s).

  • Track Visitor Engagement using Google Analytics! | Web Analytics Demystified – Keep in mind, what I’m describing in this post is not a full-blown measure of Visitor Engagement for a lot of reasons. Still, as I’m kicking it around it appears to be a pretty good start and per my entire approach towards measures of engagement, I’d rather have all of you banging on the idea than work in a vacuum.

    So how does it work?

  • Failed Banks – The Wall Street Journal Online – An infographic.
  • Newspapers and technology: Network effects | The Economist – CHANGE is in the air. A new communications technology threatens a dramatic upheaval in America’s newspaper industry, overturning the status quo and disrupting the business model that has served the industry for years. This “great revolution”, warns one editor, will mean that some publications “must submit to destiny, and go out of existence.” With many American papers declaring bankruptcy in the past few months, their readers and advertisers lured away by cheaper alternatives on the internet, this doom-laden prediction sounds familiar. But it was in fact made in May 1845, when the revolutionary technology of the day was not the internet—but the electric telegraph.
  • Facebook | Facebook Data Team: How Diverse is Facebook? – In this post we have outlined an approach to determine the racial and ethnic breakdown of a population based solely on people's surnames and data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. We have found that while Facebook has always been diverse, this diversity has increased over time leading to a population that today looks very similar to the U.S. population.
  • What Does Farmville Mean for Farmers? – Borborygmi – GOOD – But Farmville’s farms don’t actually mirror reality. In Farmville, farmers can get high returns. Seeds mature at impossible rates. It’s a place without slaughtering. There’s little of the harsh reality that Americans value food only enough to spend 10 percent of their income on it. If you had any doubts, know that Farmville is complete fantasy.

Jul 09

Learning through Play

Very few of us will every balance billion dollar budgets, allocate humanitarian resources, or tackle climate change.     The challenge is this – how does one educate non-experts in deeply complex issues without letting them know they’re learning?   The answer is learning through PLAY!

Click through to learn about Darfur, employment layoffs, energy management, domestic food contamination, immigration, influenza outbreaks, infrastructure management, the oil markets, urban planning, Congressional redistricting, terrorism, state budgeting, water health management, waste management, and the National budget.

You can find more examples at Games for Change, Superstructgames, and Social Impact Games.