Jan 15

Mums the Word (popular post)

Just goes to show how neglecting your blog and changes to Google algorithm and index effect traffic.  This old post from 2005 on mummering was always a top post surrounding New Years Day.  No more.

Nov 13

John F. Kennedy and the Philadelphia Eagles

Three stories about the Philadelphia Eagles (and the Redskins) and the assassination John F. Kennedy.

Oct 12

Going Local on #sandy

There are a handful of local blogs who are killing it on Hurricane-Sandy-Frankenstorm coverage.

Also don’t miss these:

Oct 12

“We’re Getting There!”

Best. (Worst). Transportation. Authority. Slogan. Ever.

Now a song, via Hidden City Philadelphia.

Aug 12

Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy*.

Two really nice article in the August/September 2012 bi-monthly magazine Beerscene in remembrance of Michael Jackson (the other one, the deceased beer connoisseur).  You can find them here and here.

Alas, for some reason the main page only renders in mobile format.

Incidentally, did you know one of the Presidential candidates is a homebrewer (Desmoines Register via HuffPo)?