Nov 13

All the Presidents Tweets…

Several of the dead Presidents of the United States tweet in character on Twitter including Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Richard Nixon (previously).  As I write this, Lincoln is about to live-tweet the Gettysburg address.  Your mileage may vary, as some accounts are updated more than others.

Aug 09

Daily Links for August 9th

All excerpts are quoted from the respective link(s).

  • The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan: Murdoch and Sirius [and Howard Stern] – Says a reader: How did he go from a must-hear personality who was constantly in the news for his antics or his outrageousness to a "whatever happened to?" has been? Simply, he was put behind a pay wall. Oprah has her own channel, but I've never heard it mentioned. If the King of All Media and a woman who has enough influence to swing a national election can't get people to pay, why on earth does Murdoch think he can?
  • Obama as Joker goes viral | MetaFilter – First seen on the web this week, posters have sprung up in LA and Atlanta. Interesting discussions on the Washington Post.com site. Lots of different ideas about the posters and their meaning. Tampa Bay Times takes up the debate.
  • What Is The Real Reason Dell Is Discontinuing 12-inch Netbooks? – Intel doesn’t like 12-inch netbooks because they are deep into dual core territory, where Intel has much healthier profit margins. For casual users a 12-inch netbook with an Atom chip works just fine, and they are buying these devices instead of more expensive dual core machines. Intel has put pressure on OEMs to build netbooks that have 10 inch or smaller screens.
  • Orcinus: Fascist America. Are we there yet? – This is the sign we were waiting for — the one that tells us that yes, kids: we are there now. America's conservative elites have openly thrown in with the country's legions of discontented far right thugs. They have explicitly deputized them and empowered them to act as their enforcement arm on America's streets, sanctioning the physical harassment and intimidation of workers, liberals, and public officials who won't do their political or economic bidding.

    This is the catalyzing moment at which honest-to-Hitler fascism begins. It's also our very last chance to stop it.

  • Pimp My Gun – Pimp My Gun is a Flash application that enables you to build various weapon systems from scratch with a variety of stocks, sights, foregrips, rail systems and more. The application is still under construction, and new accessories and guns are added daily.
  • On Language – How Fail Went From Verb to Interjection – NYTimes.com – In a few years’ time, the use of fail as an interjection caught on to such an extent that particularly egregious objects of ridicule required an even stronger barb: major fail, überfail, massive fail or, most popular of all, epic fail. The intensifying adjectives hinted that fail was becoming a new kind of noun: not simply a synonym for failure but, rather, a derisive label to slap on a miscue that is eminently mockable in its stupidity or wrongheadedness. Online cynics deploy fail as a countable noun (“That’s such a fail!”) and also as a mass noun that treats failure as an abstract quality: the offending party is often said to be full of fail or made of fail.

Feb 09

Daily Links for February 20th

  • Porno Flowchart – ROFLs
  • Pinch Media Data Shows The Average Shelf Life Of An iPhone App Is Less Than 30 Days – Free apps tend to be run 6.6 times more often than paid apps, but even with that increased usage, it is not enough to make more money. Yardley offers some quick math. The average paid app returns $0.70/user. The average free app is run 80 sessions. In order to earn the same as a paid app on a per user basis, the free app would have to command an $8.75 CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions). But most iPhone app ad rates are in the $0.50 to $2.00 range. That is assuming on ad per session. The other option is to bombard users with more ads, which might scare them away.

    Yardley estimates that less than 5 percent of all apps woul dmake more money right now with advertising than charging for paid downloads. His advice: “Unless there is something inherent about the app that screams free, sell it.”

Jan 09

Daily Links for January 1st through January 2nd

Oct 08

Daily Links for October 28th

  • Talking Points Memo | The Palin Effect – Palin was a surprising pick– virtually unknown outside Alaska (including, as it turned out, by the McCain campaign itself)– and she lacked experience (a key talking point for McCain). But her effect was supposed to be three fold– a woman and feminist for life, she'd pick up disgruntled Hillary supporters, an avowed Christian, she'd consolidate and energize the religious right, and with her youth and self described Mavericky ways, she'd counter Obama's fresh enthusiasm.

    Two months later? Not so much. The Palin Effect exists– but it's not energizing the base. On the contrary. Of the 70 odd conservative politicians, pundits and newspapers that have turned from McCain to endorse Obama this fall, 38 of them have cited Palin as a significant contributor to the decision. Hover over for quotes, and click on the pictures for links. And enjoy.

  • Biggest One-Day Gains, Losses – Markets Data Center – WSJ.com
  • What Sarah Palin Is Saying – Anil Dash – Put simply, if Palin says "Barack Obama consorts with terrorists", she is making the assertion that he supports acts of violence against American citizens and the media will refute this obviously false assertion. If, instead, Palin says he "pals around with terrorists", she's used code-switching to mask the seriousness of the charge, obfuscating her meaning enough to get away with making an assertion that inevitably calls for the imprisonment or even assassination of a political opponent.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (1920 – 1940 Daily) – StockCharts.com – Note that many of the largest swings occur between 1929-1933.
  • SuicideGirls > Interviews > W: James Cromwell Vs. George Bush Snr.
  • Portland Mercury | Blogtown, PDX | Will an Obama Victory Lead to Celebration, or Chaos? – What I see as an exciting community celebration will, apparently, be viewed as evidence of impending "chaos" by others.
  • Our Vote Live: Protect the Vote – Reporters, bloggers, and voters across the country can monitor problems at the polls on Election Day on OurVoteLive.org, a project built and hosted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on behalf of Election Protection, the nation's largest nonpartisan voter protection coalition, and its toll-free voter-assistance hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE."
  • The Great GOP Purge – The Daily Beast – OH and FL will be singled out for public decapitations, but add to this any of the battlegrounds that fall away from the red map, such as VA, IN, MO, CO, and NV. The charge will be insufficient loyalty, and the victims will be required to confess before they are eliminated. The purges will not be just. Anyone who took money from the McCain camp or the national party, anyone who bundled for McCain, anyone at all involved in a losing congressional campaign will be put on the exile list. The whole state of AZ may be under house arrest for suspicion of disloyalty. Jon Kyl of AZ will not be safe despite his wit. In fact, imitating the methods of Sejanus after 25 A.D., all Republican members of the Senate will be sent arrest warrants, and only those shrewd enough to send them back with the names of the conspirators will be spared. What conspirators, you ask? […] You are condemned until you denounce someone else as guilty, so to survive you must act swiftly and with heart.