Oct 09

Daily Links for October 2nd through October 4th

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  • Choosing the Correct Statistical Test in SAS, Stata and SPSS
  • United States Gross National Happiness on Facebook – But grouped together, the status updates of millions of Facebook users from every demographic in the nation can work together to say something about how we as a nation are doing. Measuring how well-off, happy or satisfied with life the citizens of a nation are is part of the Gross National Happiness movement. This graph represents how "happy" the nation is doing from day to day, by looking at how many positive and negative words people are using when they update their status: When people are using more positive words (or fewer negative words) in their status updates than usual, that day is happier than usual!
  • Fruzsina Eordogh – Subcultured Chicago – Cat Poop Mind Control – True/Slant – Toxoplasma gondii can be carried by a variety of animals, but really only wants to live in cats stomachs. Robert Sapolsky, the neuroscientist on the show, goes on to explain the effects of toxoplasma gondii on rats; toxoplasma gondii travels to the rat’s brain and messes around with the circuitry to make the cat attractive to the rat. The end result has the rat approaching the cat to be eaten. Sapolsky goes on to mention that it is not “speculative” to think that Toxoplasma gondii might be doing the same thing in humans. Research done on toxoplasmosis in humans has revealed a link between toxoplasma gondii and schizophrenia. Dr Fuller Torrey explains during the show how rates of schizophrenia “exploded” around the same time humans began keeping cats indoors as pets.
  • tiltshiftmaker.com – Transform your photos into tilt-shift style miniatures – Tilt-shift miniature style photos are pictures of real-life scenes that are manipulated to look like model photographs.

    Now you can easily transform your existing digital camera photos into tilt-shift style miniatures using tiltshiftmaker.com. Our online photo editing tool is fun and requires no registration or signup.

  • Ethan Porter – Mr. Obama’s Neighborhood – Obama: He’s smarter than you think – True/Slant – Think of it this way. Did Barack Obama want Chicago to win? No one’s a mind reader, but we do know one thing about this guy: he’s got an acute sense of politics. And politically, having Chicago host the Olympics in 2016 was close to a sure-fire loser. The city’s residents seem opposed to hosting it, for one thing–that matters. If the Windy City had won, activists would be making a stink for seven years. More importantly, we all know about Chicago’s political culture of corruption. If Chicago had won, the RNC, RSCC and other right-wing apparatchicks would run countless advertisements alleging amorphous connections betweeen the President and the developers who would likely benefit from the Olympics.

Aug 08

Bookmarks for August 12th through August 13th

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