May 09

Daily Links for May 22nd

  • The Evolution of Cell Phone Design Between 1983-2009 | Webdesigner Depot – A visual history of cell phone design.
  • The Evolution of the Social Media API
  • Navigating the Dissertation – Boot Camp | Penn Graduate Student Center – As a part of our Navigating the Dissertation Series, our Dissertation Boot Camp was developed to help students progress through the difficult writing stages of the dissertation process. By offering an environment and support for intense, focused writing time, the Camp provides participants with the structure and motivation to overcome typical roadblocks in the dissertation process.
  • Topless Robot – The 10 Reasons Why Star Blazers Is Unbelievably Awesome Beyond Words – Adapted from Japan's Space Battleship Yamato series, the series marked the first time American audiences got a taste of how inventive sci-fi cartoons could truly be. It looked better than any other cartoon of the era because it featured 8,000 animation cells per episode as compared to the 3,000 used by most programs. It also had the benefit of perfect timing, appearing shortly after Star Wars reignited interest in all things science fiction. When the show made its American debut in 1979, kids raised on repetitive Filmation-style toons were captivated by the ways in which the adventures of the Star Force unfolded. Thus, a pop culture sensation was born.
  • The Inquirer Embarrassment Continues | Young Philly Politics – Ha. Ha. Ha. Those 'bloggers' and their internets tubes! Hey Harold, a blog is a tool, not a viewpoint. Shouting about blogs makes about as much sense as shouting about food processors. And considering that Jackson is going after Bunch, a guy who actually writes for a paper, it raises a question: If the problem is that fancy pants blogging, would Jackson feel better about if another reporter put it in the paper instead? That seems pretty strange.
  • Animatronic Obama Going to Disney World With High-Tech Style – NYTimes.com – The public is to get its first glimpse of “Robobama,” as it is known among some handlers, on July 4. The unveiling will be in a Disney World theater, alongside animatronic figures of every other president. As in the past, the program will end with each president nodding or turning toward the audience during a roll call, as if Mount Rushmore had suddenly come alive.