Dec 13

Breaking Car Covers

NSX under cover

The Truth About Cars points to a Jalopnik piece declaring war on automobile manufacturer embargoes.  I wrote about the same several years ago on Metafilter.

Jan 13

Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish does Donor Dowery?

Andrew Sullivan, formerly of Time, the Atlantic, and most recently Tina Brown’s Daily Beast has decided to go it alone, publishing online on his own masthead.

Sullivan has the distinct advantage of being one of the few blogging individuals with a loyal fan base delivering page views.  He’s decided to put his site behind a pay wall on his own domain.  Why be a star in someone else’s sky?

As of this posting it appears that Sullivan has garnered $333,000 in donations from some 11,000 subscribers in the first 24-hours, as reported in GigaOm.

Sullivan has stated that he would not be accepting advertising but has not ruled out advertising in the future.


Un-asked through all of this is how the subscriber model works in conjunction with presumingly anonymous donors and pay-for-play journalism.  How can the reader account for the possibility that a generous donor could ‘donate’ a large sum in exchange for favorable coverage?  Is Sullivan beyond reproach?  Could the entire industry be trusted with that temptation?

Oct 12

Newsweek’s Big Gamble?

Newsweek went big (previously) trying to go upmarket, focusing on Generation Jones.  It looks like they’ve crapped out, only 3 years into a 5-year plan.  Layoffs are expected to be announced today.

Jul 10

Is it irresponsible to compare Conservative Media to the ‘Human Centipede’?

Updated:  I see comedian Patton Oswalt (via Twitter) got here first.

Why, it’s irresponsible not too!


Feel free to improve upon this as you see fit.

Jan 10

Daily Links for January 12th through January 15th

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