Jan 09

Daily Links for January 24th

Jan 09

Daily Links for January 21st

  • Going.com – Newspapers Covering Obama’s Inauguration – A collection of front pages.
  • A face you can trust – Boston.com – Princeton psychologists recently showed that certain faces, even when expressionless, strike people as trustworthy or untrustworthy. Features like the shape of the eyebrow are part of an unconscious language of trust that powerfully affects human interaction.
  • Barack Obama Said 44 Men Have Taken The Oath Of Office For President. Was He Right? – Yahoo! Answers – OMG. I don't even know where to go with this? The only proper response is to mock the true-believers.
  • Bill Gallo on Obama: Draws an interesting parallel to Babe Ruth after the Black Sox scandal | Crooks and Liars – Will Barack Obama be able to restore the public trust in our government after the disastrous tenure of George Bush? If a Babe Ruth was able to come along at the right time and restore the dignity to a sport that had been destroyed, then there is some real hope that perhaps Obama can do the same in the world of politics.
  • Official Google Blog: Search findings from the U.S. presidential inauguration
  • YesButNoButYes: The Famous "44" – Apparently a notable number with regards to sports…
  • Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » What Drives Republicans Insane About the Media – Obama jumped in early, interrupting the first part. Roberts was then thrown off, and misplaced the word faithfully. Obama then started to recite the portion, got to the part where faithfully should have been, smiled at Roberts, Roberts corrected, and then they kind of just said to hell with it and went forward.


    But to pretend it was some sort of super-human Presidential moment on the part of Obama is as silly as the earlier comments on PUMA websites that ZOMG OBAMA MESSED UP THE OATH HE AIN’T REALLY PREZNIT! There really is no fault on the part of either one, and the smiles on both of their faces show that they know what happened. They both sort of goofed, and that really should be the end of that.

  • Obama’s New Robots.txt : Codeulate. – Within a few moments of President Obama being sworn in, a new whitehouse.gov was revealed. The new site looks great, and promises greater transparency about the actions of our President and government. [Bush's robots.txt file was ~2400 LINES. Obama's is 2. Transparency comes to Washington, DC].
  • Whitehouse.gov: Looking Back at 12 Years of the US President’s Web Presence – ReadWriteWeb – As the eyes of the world were focused on the pomp and circumstance of Barack Obama moving into a new role as President of the United States, Obama's Web team was hard at work – with far less fanfare – moving their Web property to a new address: whitehouse.gov, the official Web site for the President. And while, at first blush, the site may appear similar to Obama's President-elect site, change.gov, it is strikingly different than the predecessors who have occupied whitehouse.gov over the past 12 years. How different? Let's take a look.
  • iGov – The Atlantic (January/February 2009) – “Data sharing is no longer an afterthought,” Elin explained. “You begin with the notion that you’re going to share information. And you’re going to make it easy for people.” (Compare that with the approach of the Federal Communications Commission, which allows only limited searching of filings and comments; or that of the Department of Justice, which puts out data on foreign lobbying in unwieldy PDF format and binders.) An API also encourages the release of data in real time, instead of in occasional reports, like Federal Election Commission figures, or earmark spending.
  • How big will inaugural crowd be? Do the math – Inauguration- msnbc.com – After gathering data on numerous demonstrations, Jacobs came up with some rules of thumb that still are used today by those serious about crowd estimation. A loose crowd, one where each person is an arm's length from the body of his or her nearest neighbors, needs 10 square feet per person. A more tightly packed crowd fills 4.5 square feet per person. A truly scary mob of mosh-pit density would get about 2.5 square feet per person.

Jan 09

Daily Links for January 20th

  • Tag Clouds of Obama’s Inaugural Speech Compared to Bush’s – ReadWriteWeb
  • Daily Kos: State of the Nation: Image Galleries
  • Hugh’s List of Bush Scandals | NetRootsMass – Be warned, it is a big list.
  • Inaugural Words – 1789 to the Present – Interactive Graphic – NYTimes.com – A look at the language of presidential inaugural addresses. The most-used words in each address appear in the interactive chart below, sized by number of uses. Words highlighted in yellow were used significantly more in this inaugural address than average.
  • Carpocalypse Now: Chrysler, Fiat To Create "Global Strategic Alliance" – Earlier, we told you Italian automaker Fiat will take a 35% stake in the still-partially-German-owned U.S. automaker Chrysler, creating what they term a "Global Strategic Alliance." At least it's not a "Global Strategic Axis." Although, since 19.9% of Chrysler is still owned by German automaker Daimler and Fiat's still Italian-owned, all the two automakers would need to do is find a nice Japanese automaker to buy the rest and hey, it'd be like an automaker Axis power all on its own.
  • Balkinization: Some thoughts on the Transition… – This particular example is sobering because it suggests that the country may easily survive one term of a bad president, but it may be greatly harmed by a series of poor leaders. After two terms of the disastrous George W. Bush, who seems to have been at least as incompetent as Filmore and Pierce, there may not be much room for error. If Obama is a poor president, the problems he inherits may be amplified, and however bad things seem now, they may get far worse.
  • Facebook | Lexicon – Facebook Lexicon counts occurrences of words and phrases on Walls over time.
  • Google Earth Blog: Obama Inauguration in 3D in Google Earth – A Googler has created a 3D model for Google Earth which shows a mock-up of the inauguration stage and adds flags to the US Capitol building. Not only that, but if you zoom in close you can see Obama taking the oath in the center of the stage. To see the 3D version yourself, just click here [Google Earth Required. You must have GE installed.] (7 Mbytes) to load the 3D models in Google Earth. Turn on the 3D Buildings layer to see the other prominent Washington DC buildings and get a real sense of what the experience will be like.

Jan 09

Inauguaration Videos and Related Materials [Updated]

The actual ‘swearing in’, with full text and video (embedded below, with part 2 here) of the Inaugural Address:


Also, whitehouse.gov rolled out a redesign at 12:01pm. Today was also a BIG day for new media, although the web appeared to be showing the strain. Aretha Franklin wore what could only be described as an interesting hat. Should you be so curious, you can view text and video of many previous inaugurations here.

The President and First Lady dance to “At Last” as sung by Beyonce: