Nov 13

‘Milhous’ is delusional and corrupt, and also correct, v. Christie

Richard Milhous Nixon reaches from beyond the grave (on Twitter) to opine on Chris Christie.

Put me down as saying that Christie goes on the Wingnut-Welfare circuit along with FOX, a book deal, and a radio gig.


Jul 13

Did you read Chapter 9?

For your consideration regarding Detroit – something I wrote about in 2010 on Chapter 9 bankruptcies.  You can explore the Google Trends on “chapter 9” including metro regions searching for the term here.

Oct 12


The 2004 electoral cycle got me hooked on polling.  The microtargeting over NASCAR dads and Walmart moms and the impact on the results, as well as debates over weighing of political parties in samples and the importance of cell phone, landline, and internet-only polls reverberates to this day.

At the time I followed Electoral Vote, and Pollster (now part of HuffPo).  The 2008 cycle had me following Nate Silver at 538 (and now at the NYTimes).  TPM’s poll tracker is pretty good, too.  Of course, if reality isn’t your thing, you could also read UnskewedPolls.  Inspired by this post at LGM.


Jan 12

Your car could snitch on you…

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray crashed this car after falling asleep.  He likely has no right to privacy since the vehicle is owned by the state.  It is nonetheless chilling to know your car could testify against you, if compelled by law.  The black box in the vehicle betrayed speed, time traveled, throttle position, and seatbelt status of the driver [via Jalopnik].

Feb 11

Social Media Landscapes from the US State Department

Governmental document aggregator Public Intelligence has been publishing Social Media Landscapes for a variety of countries. There’s no doubt that there are some entries on the site of interest regarding Egypt.