Nov 13

‘Milhous’ is delusional and corrupt, and also correct, v. Christie

Richard Milhous Nixon reaches from beyond the grave (on Twitter) to opine on Chris Christie.

Put me down as saying that Christie goes on the Wingnut-Welfare circuit along with FOX, a book deal, and a radio gig.


Oct 13

In a mirror, darkly.

The GOP inhabits a universe darker than our own.

Jan 12

Romney versus Santorum: $ per vote

Mitt Romney spent $113.07 per vote in Iowa as compared to Rick Santorum spending only $1.65 (calculated via Michael Li).  One way to look at this is to herald the efficiency and effectiveness of retail politics over machine politics.  Another way to look at it is to say that values voters can be bought-off cheaply.

Nov 11

Lyin’ Ass Bitch.

theRoots did her a favor. She’s out of money and will be out after Iowa, which is the next Caucus. Now she can raise money off of this and be talked about for a couple weeks.

Where its brilliant for Democrats is that if it helps Bachmann then it hurts Gingrich and Romney. By which I mean that it reduces their chances of winning or margin of victory in the Iowa Caucus, which is a win for Obama.

It’s ratfucking of the highest order. First chance I get to bait a wingnut friend I’m going to tell them its an Obama conspiracy we’ve been working on for months.

Jul 10

Is it irresponsible to compare Conservative Media to the ‘Human Centipede’?

Updated:  I see comedian Patton Oswalt (via Twitter) got here first.

Why, it’s irresponsible not too!


Feel free to improve upon this as you see fit.