Mar 09

Tea Bag Party

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Aug 08

McCain Doubles-Down on 3 POW Cards and 2 Queens

I’ve long wondered how our country’s recent obsession with gambling and card games would affect our society, politics, and business. With my cursory understanding of the games, I suppose it may have taught players a little about ‘reading’ non-verbal tells, deducing whether someone was bluffing, and maybe a cursory lesson in statistics regarding probability and game theory. Indeed, when looking at recent political discussion, the phrase “double-down  has been seen over and over.

[Doubling Down] is a bet that can be placed if the player thinks that with only one more card drawn he will be able to beat the dealer. After the Double Down bet is taken the player is allowed one more card only, and then has to stand.

McCain has a history of gambling, and for the most part, those gambles have paid off.

He appears to have doubled-down yet again, holding nothing more than 3 POW cards and 2 Queens. Continue reading →