Mar 13

T-Mobile Cutting the Bullshit?

I admittedly have a soft-spot for T-Mobile.  After going through Comcast Metrophone, Sprint, and AT&T (later Cingular), T-Mobile had been the cellular service provider I had used for the longest period of time.  Moving from the near-suburbs of Philadelphia to rural farmland necessitated a change – so we went with two iPhone 5s with Verizon.

I was more than a little excited at the prospect of a cellular carrier dumping both subsidies and contracts.  I think TMO is making the smart move for the future.  Customers who are out of contract or who are likely to buy their own phones are most likely to be higher-profit users.  We’ll see how it works out over time as TMO’s network is fast but thin.

This comparison at the Verge of TMO versus Sprint versus ATT versus Verizon shows how little competition there is between carriers.  The TL;DR is that ATT and Verizon cost exactly the same, to the penny, over 2-years, with TMO being cheaper and Sprint being significantly more expensive.

Sep 11

Kindle goes to the library

Amazon’s Kindle (as a service) is now available at 11,000 libraries, via this press release.  You can get content delivered to any of a variety of devices and apps (such as Android, Apple apps, and Kindle Cloud Reader).  I’ve tried most of those apps, and they are great.

The week link here is the library’s webpages (and eBook inventory as managed by Overdrive). To the later, every eBook I would conceivably read is ‘out’.  To the former, good luck figuring out what you are supposed to do, where you login, how you find books, and getting them on your device.   I’m looking at you, Delaware County library system. 1996 called, and it wants its website back.

Feb 11

Content as Commodity

Google has itself in quite the pickle.  On one hand, as an advertising company, more content – even if its worthless content – in more places for ad placement and revenue opportunities.  On the other hand, content that was scraped or source from a content farm devalues search results and may lead to user defections.  I can’t help but think that Google’s multiple projects (Apps, Android, TV, and Chrome OS) has been at the cost of the search index.

My simple solution would be semantic index where only the first/best result is shown with the rest clustered behind a “similar results” link.

Dec 10

Android iPod Touch

For those hoping for an Android-version of the iPod Touch (I’m thinking gruber and blankbaby) – It looks like they’re coming (most likely at CES 2011) .  It appears that devices will be fielded by Archos, Creative, Cowon, Phillips, and Samsung (and certainly others).

Nov 10

Android App Shortcomings

I can understand app creators not wanting “quit” or “log out” features, but why not the ability to “share this app”?