May 15

Cartoon Clone Wars: The Movie

Someone has edited the Cartoon Network’s Star Wars animated series the Clone Wars [IMDB] into a movie.


May 15

Sanborn Maps

Sanborn maps are a great window into the past. Penn State has a collection open to the public online

Apr 15

Star Wars Reaction Shots

Matthew McConaughey, some babies, and a Catholic priest walk into a bar watch the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer…

Dec 14


They lost their minds over the brown Spider-Man. A female Thor. A brown stormtrooper. Now they are losing their minds over a brown James Bond.

Sep 14


Saw this comment about Homicide: Life on the Street on this LGM thread attributed to crime novelist Trevanian:

[P]retending that criminals are masterminds is a way to cover up the incompetence of police.

Useful to remember regarding our National Security State and the National Media as we approach the anniversary of 9/11 and lose our minds all over again about ISIL/ISIS.