Oct 13

The Next Next Governor of the State of New Jersey

Great point!  Since Chris Christie is signaling that a Presidential bid is likely in 2016 (in that he cannot commit to a full gubernatorial term), don’t you think it’s a good idea to ask some questions about the heir to the throne – Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno?  I didn’t know any of this about her – did you?  I’ve heard she’s nice, but where does she stand on policy? It’s a bit of a black hole.

Oct 13

Long Haired Hippy People Wanted! Apply Within!

Brand-cover(2)I’ve always found Russell Brand to be an annoyance.

His demolishing of Mika Bryzinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joke and subsequent evisceration of BBC Newsnight host Jeremy Paxson cannot be denied.

While I cannot condone his boycott of voting as political process, he is dead on in his call for revolution.

Check out his stint as guest editor of the New Statesman, and this 4,500 word essay calling for a toppling of the political-thought establishment.

Oct 13

Who listens to the listeners?

So many teachable things packed within this story (from the Guardian):

eagle_circleThe former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden ended up on the wrong end of a surveillance stakeout on Thursday afternoon when, while riding a commuter train, he was overheard “disparaging” the Obama administration. The over-hearer was a private citizen – Tom Matzzie, an entrepreneur who previously worked for MoveOn.org and John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.


Hayden was aboard an Acela train outside Philadelphia and talking by phone with a reporter when Matzzie, who was sitting nearby, recognized him. Matzzie heard Hayden insist to the reporter that he be quoted anonymously, as a “former senior administration official”.


Then Matzzie began live-tweeting as the nation’s former top spy badmouthed the Obama administration, apparently in connection with therevelation hours earlier that NSA had monitored the phone calls of at least 35 world leaders’ telephone lines.

Where to begin?  The conversation touches on badmouthing the Obama as a source “on background” (our lazy and corrupt press corps), rendition and black sites (where we most certainly do not torture), and our spying capabilities with regards to our allies.


Oct 13


The Glorious People’s Republic of New Jersey elected a Corporatist DNC Obama-lite named Corey Booker and repudiated teabagger Steve Lonegan.  This same liberal hell-hole will also handily re-elect Chris Christie in November.  I will tell you this, based on the comments of our local newspapers, the citizens of NJ are less crazy than their Pennsylvania and especially Philadelphia neighbors (or they do a better job hiding their crazy).

Oct 13

In a mirror, darkly.

The GOP inhabits a universe darker than our own.