Apr 15

Harmy’s Star Wars Despecialized Editions

If you find the George Lucas special editions affronts to you childhood, I recommend searching out Harmy’s Despecialized Editions [Facebook].  Read all about it at the Atlantic.


He hasn’t completed ROTJ yet, but ANH and ESB are done, at 17GB+ each.  You’ll need to use Bittorrent.


Mar 15

Cookie Cutter Tropes

Don’t know what it says about modern television quality that your prime time lineup can be replaced with clips of stock videos

Jan 15

Sons of Liberty (and Fiction)

It appears that the History Channel’s Sons of Liberty is quite the action filled work of fiction playing fast and loose with the facts (as well as frequent ads for Samuel Adams beer).

Jan 15

Are you watching Star Wars Rebels?

If not, you should be (on Disney XD).  The entire series has been great, infinitely better than the prequels, with animation better than the Clone Wars, and nicely sets up both the Original Trilogy (Rebels is set between the Prequels and Original Trilogy) and the forthcoming Sequels.

I especially recommend the last few episodes, Empire Day, Gathering Forces, and the Path of the Jedi.  Empire Day (watch) sets the tone and reveals the background to Ezra’s story. Gathering Forces (watch) ends with Jedi Kanan Jarrus saying “We have to talk” about Ezra’s readiness to become a Jedi after a harrowing encounter with the Inquisitor on the asteroid (nice review on the AV Club on this episode). The Path of the Jedi has me wondering if Ezra Bridger (or his descendants) plays a part in the sequels, as this fan theory suggests. There is a scene with an old master that definitely hints that “fear leads to the dark side” and that “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”.  Ezra seems to be firmly on the Skywalker continuum between the good (Luke) and the evil (Anakin). Disney is clearly applying the principles of the Marvel cinematic universe, drawing us in deeper and deeper.

Jan 15

Mums the Word (popular post)

Just goes to show how neglecting your blog and changes to Google algorithm and index effect traffic.  This old post from 2005 on mummering was always a top post surrounding New Years Day.  No more.