Oct 13

A Very Special Halloween on YouTube

Grant land has prepared a list of Halloween-themed broadcast TV episodes on YouTube.

Sep 13

Start of TVs Second Golden Age was the 1980s?

This is a story whose chronology begins with Larry Hagman’s wounded chest, and ends with David Caruso’s naked behind. But the best place to start is in the middle, with a late-night car ride down to the docks.

Jun 13

Things which are de(a)f…

Gawker posted this video of Holly Maniatty signing for the Wu-Tang Clan.  Slate has her story.

Mar 13

#theWolverine teaser?

We’re all familiar with the concept of a movie trailer.  The trailer is typically a 30-second to 2-minute preview of a movie designed to ‘rope you in’.  The downside of the modern trailer is that it gives away too much, often several key action sequences or big laughs.


The next X-Man movie, the Wolverine [IMDB], is a quasi-reboot telling the tale of the unbreakable feral Canadian’s adventures in Japan from the 1982 Claremont and Miller 4-book series.  I think this is good use of Twitter’s Vine, in that 6-seconds is just long enough.

Feb 13

Finding Podcasts?

Podcast No. 11 Recording

I find the Apple Podcast app and iTunes clunky and ponderous.  If you are looking for curated podcasts, try out the AV Club’s Podmass (reviews) and Podmass Central (listings).

*Not me above.