Remembering Aaron Swartz

It’s weird to see so many people you read – and by read I mean read every day – share in their grief at the loss of a life.

The life of Aaron Swartz.

I wasn’t a peer.  I didn’t know him.  I was barely aware of why he was a household name among many of those I read online, but I know now that he believed in things I believe and had the intellectual horsepower to make a difference.

The first place I read it was a link on Jon Gruber’s Daring Fireball.  This led me to Matt Haughey’s Metafiler, and many, many others from Crooked Timber, Rick Perlstein, to Glenn Greenwald.  BoingBoing has been the epicenter on Swatz’s death along with Lawrence Lessig.  GigaOm has a nice summation of the conversation on Swartz’s death.  Plenty of people have linked to both Swartz’s own writing on depression as well as posts by comedian Rob Delaney and actor Wil Wheaton.  Danah Boyd’s post cuts to the heart of the matter.

Things which are cool?  His family and friends have created a site where people can not only share their memories (via email) but also code.





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