They come across as being high-minded principle and values-based statesmen, when in reality they are simply grifters and petty thieves.


Consider Hans Gruber.  The storyline in Die Hard [IMDB] is that the terrorist group who occupies Nakotomi Plaza has a political aim of freeing members of the West German Volksfrie Movement.  We come to find that their political activities are nothing more than a ruse enabling a monetary theft of negotiable bearer bonds.

So as it is with the Republican party.  Yes, they tell you that they are all about tax breaks for small business and reducing the national debt and Federal deficits.  But pay attention to the sleight of hand – while you listen to them warn of the Muslim-Mexican-liberal-feminist-United Nations threat they are conspiring to steal grandmom’s Medicare and Social Security in exchange for tax cuts for the wealthy.

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