Conservative Suicide Bombers for the Cure

I have always had reservations with professionally associating with Conservative activists in the marketplace.  I think tbogg calls it right (emphasis mine):

We already know that Susan G. Komen Foundation CEO Nancy Brinker is a conservative right-wing society lady who burbles business babble while, judging by the look on her face when she is talking, seemingly exerting emormous force upon a lump of coal with her sphincter in an effort to create home-made diamonds. Yes, it is a talent. But for a woman who is reputed  to be fairly intelligent, one has to wonder how Brinker arrived at her decision to defund Planned Parenthood and thereby suicide-bomb her entire organization. We already know about wingnut Karen Handel whom, we assume, is probably being treated by the marketing and PR people at Komen like the employee who decided to take a big crap in the middle of the lunchroom table just before break time

These women tried to score political points with the mouthbreathers by piling on Planned Parenthood, and effectively did incalculable harm to their multi-million dollar organization.  The $650k they withheld from Planned Parenthood is a pittance compared to the eventual loss of millions of withdrawn donations and pledges.  Governance boards and hiring officers need to start considering if there are culture warriors in their midst.

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