What W.C. Fields said…

GQ has crowned Philadelphia as having the Worst Sports Fans in America.  Former-Governor Ed Rendell’s responded yesterday on Philly.com (in a horribly paginated 4-part letter).

MeFi user delfin explains the Philly fan in the comments:

Philly fans have a very strong tribal mentality. This is evident in a number of ways.

The Tribe has loyalty. Once you are part of the Tribe, you remain part of the Tribe. Being traded away from the Tribe is understandable and not your fault, and your return will demonstrate that most of the time. However, refusing to play for the Tribe or publically wanting out of The Tribe will make you Public Enemy Number One.

On the flip side, even if you used to play for The Other Guys, if you publically choose to come here, the Tribe will treat you like a rock star.

The Tribe drinks way too much alcohol, before and during games.

The Tribe knows the game, at least when the Tribe is sober. If you play for the Tribe and do not know the rules of your game, or if you make questionable decisions again and again and show no signs of improvement, you will hear The Boos.

The Tribe has high expectations. The Tribe does not expect miracles from mediocre players, as the Tribe is keenly aware that good teams are only blips on the radar here. If you outperform expectations, the Tribe will love you. If you underperform, whether based on your draft positionexpectations or contract / trade value, you will hear The Boos. If the Tribe detects less than 100% effort from you, you will hear More Boos.

The Tribe drinks way way too much alcohol, before and during games.

The Tribe loves blood-and-guts scruffy blue-collar types. If you are perceived as being dainty and above the Tribe’s blue-collar nature, you will hear More Boos.

The Tribe has a reputation, and a subset of fans who feel compelled to live up to said reputation. Do not come to the Tribe’s stadium wearing the wrong jerseys. When wandering amongst poo-flinging monkeys, do not wear visible target circles on your forehead.

The Tribe drinks way way way too much alcohol, before and during games.

We hate because we love.   Also, the talk of  “the Tribe” had me think he was talking about Cleveland.

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