Upgrading to Worpress 3.1

WordPress has recently upgraded to 3.1.  You can find out what’s new here, like the new toolbar, internal linking and post formats, or by taking a glance at the below infographic.

You can get higher quality images of the above infographic here (PDFA4-sized PDFPrint-Quality JPG), and download WordPress here.  Fresh install instructions as well as upgrades are on WordPress’ site.  Lastly, if you get “run out of memory” errors when upgrading, check this post.

Some quick observations:

  • You won’t see the admin bar unless you enable it in each users profile (which you can find at yourdomain.com/wp-admin/profile.php).
  • You will need to use a theme which supports “Post Formats” if you want to use them.  Post Formats allow you to specify posts as being quotes, videos, galleries, and links.
  • Creating a network and using multisites looks easier, but still not easy.

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