All about “us”, or all about “me”?

The NYTimes Caucus blog compares the Obama Tuscon speech and Sarah Palin’s “blood libel speech” (previously).   The Guardian’s Datablog examines the text of each.  The New Yorker points out a very humble and personal difference between Obama’s words as written and words as spoken.  The usual suspects were not moved, choosing to grind axes, criticize t-shirts, refocus sympathy away from the victims, and lament applause.   If you want to see the Tuscon memorial service in its entirety for yourself, try C-SPAN, while Palin’s is on Vimeo.

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  1. Palin posting on Vimeo is the only sensible thing I’ve ever seen come out of her camp.

  2. A little off topic, but it’s been very disheartening watching some use this tragedy for political purposes. Just once, move on and focus on what matters. Can argue later.

  3. Well, political assassinations tend to have political contexts. It’s hard to look at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln without considering Confederate extremists, Martin Luther King, Jr. without Southern racists and segregationists, or JFK without the paranoia of John Bircher’s and the like. Each of these require holistic explanations; ‘lone gunmen’ never really act alone.