Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) Assasination Attempt

[Updated:  Giffords has been subsequently reported as alive and in surgery.  This post was initially titled “NPR reports Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Assasinated”.]

Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords is reported as having died from a point-black gunshot to the head at a public appearance outside a Safeway Supermarket.  Several others were also shot; Constituents, staff, media, and family were present at the appearance.

The 40-year old three-term Democrat was killed, and fortunately the alleged shooter was tackled to the ground by bystanders and is in police custody.

There’s a tendency on these internets to wave the bloody red shirt after events like this casting blame.   There are some interesting facets to Giffords legislative career.

She is a blue-dog Democrat who bucked Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader in the 112th Congress.  She also prioritized a tough stance on immigration.  I doubt sincerely that these two factors contributed to her death.

No, it’s far more likely that her simple existence as a Democrat, her pro-choice record, support for health care reform, and her targeting by the likes of Sarah Palin and the other fear merchants likely inspired violence.

Says tbogg:

Fuck it. I’m going there…

Back in September:

Twenty House Dems from districts that McCain carried in 2008 voted for the health care bill, and Sarah Palin has a target on every single one.

The targets were released on the six month anniversary of Obamacare, and include a lot of familiar names such as John Boccieri (OH), Chris Carney (P N) Gabrielle Giffords (AZ) and Ann Kirpatrick (AZ). The site invites donations, social networking, and the unbeatable Sarah love that has led to a 26:11 win/loss record of candidates in GOP primaries. Granted, some of those were in safe districts, but she’s also pulled off massive upsets that probably outshadow her less successful picks.

Regardless, this site should go a long way towards knocking off the politicians who put their party affiliation ahead of their constituent’s demands.

It was announced via a tweet from SarahPalinUSA:

“Lies, Damned Lies – Obamacare 6 Months Later; It’s Time to Take Back the 20!”

Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” Pls see my Facebook page.

I look forward to the inevitable archival blog posting, Twittering, comments, and forum posts of her 15-20 year old male assassin to understand his twisted motivations.  I also look forward to conservatives standing outside the now-burning theater, crying that someone is going to take away everyones’ guns and that their right to free speech and the inspiration of lone wolves is being infringed.

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