Big in Pakistan?

Based on my server stats, it looks like I’m a big deal in Pakistan, with a lot of visits to a post titled “Facebook Premium Accounts?”.   This has something to do with the Pakistani government banning Facebook (and other social media sites) in response to the creation of the “Everybuddy Draw Mohammed Day”:

The Facebook group “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!  has generated heaps of criticism in the predominantly Muslim Islamic Republic of Pakistan “ Muslims faithfuls set up online campaigns and other protests to grab the attention of the authorities.

A group of lawyers called the Islamic Lawyers’ Movement went a step further today and petitioned the court to order a blanket ban on Facebook in Pakistan. About 45 million Pakistani use the social networking site, according to various reports.

Religious extremists have issued death threats to cartoonists (including the creators of South Park).     I wholeheartedly disagree with over-reactions of extremists of all types.

If you are in Pakistan, you have several options to access Facebook, which you use at your own risk (you never.

  1. Use Facebook Mobile.
  2. Access Facebook via a proxy (instructions here).
  3. Provided you can access FB, Enable notifications by email and/or TXT message.
  4. Use the new free low-bandwidth Facebook (dependent on partner participation; Details from the Facebook blog via Google cache).

Best of luck to reasonable Pakistanis, and to the extremists out there – REALLY?   If your religion and society is that threatened by a drawn representation of your prophet, perhaps your religion and society is the problem?

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