Real-Time 2010 Census Participation Data

Starting on March 1st, you can visit this page and view the 2010 Census Participation results in real-time.

FireShot Pro capture #017 - 'Take 10 Map - 2010 Census' - 2010_census_gov_2010census_take10map_#WatchPortrait

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  1. Some clarification – You can see your community’s 2000 Census participation rates now on the Take 10 map. Look for your 2010 Census forms in mid-March. Watch the Take 10 Web site for 2010 participation results beginning March 22.

  2. Thank you for that clarification. When I reviewed the site, a date for data availability wasn’t stated, just that “you [can] check back here when the 2010 Census begins in March 2010”. Thank you for the clarification. Best of luck with a valuable and difficult Constitutionally-mandated effort!