What can Mobile Do for You?

It seems clear enough to many that mobile internet is the next new frontier.   The question is – what can mobile do for me?   How can mobile add value and not just provide distraction or function as a time sink?

I have more questions than answers, many of which are exactly the same as those for applications created for Facebook or Myspace:

  • What will the market support?
  • What has been tried and succeeded?   Failed?   Untested?
  • Where is there space for innovation?
  • How will applications be created?   On what platforms?   How will they be distributed?   Hosted?   Monetized?
  • What metrics are important with mobile applications?
  • What is the census of the current worldwide population of users, hardware, software, developer platforms, and carrier capacity?
  • What is the consensus for trends and predictions?

It seems that the solutions that mobile will have to deliver focus on a constellation of Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Solutions should take data, either on the individual, group, or global (in the sense of a large group and not the entirety of cell phone users) level, organize it into information, structure it into knowledge, leverage it into intelligence, and finally parse it to reveal wisdom.   Take advantage of the human tendency to be a trend and pattern matching machine by sense making existing data to tell us what we don’t know.

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