Oh, this will end well…

It’s almost as if we (in this case, the Pentagon) are incapable of learning (via NYTimes):

Taking a page from the successful experiment in Iraq, American commanders and Afghan leaders are preparing to arm local militias to help in the fight against a resurgent Taliban. But along with hope, the move is raising fears here that the new armed groups could push the country into a deeper bloodletting.

The militias will be deployed to help American and Afghan security forces, which are stretched far and wide across this mountainous country. The first of the local defense forces are scheduled to begin operating early next year in Wardak Province, an area just outside the capital where the Taliban have overrun most government authority.

If the experiment proves successful, similar militias will be set up rapidly across the country, senior American and Afghan officials said.


We will ensure that Allah stocks heaven with virgins and martyrs (and US citizen soldiers) for generations to come.

It’s like they’ve completely forgotten how arming the mujhadein against the Soviets and then bailing at Mission Accomplished, leaving their country in tatters, as well as the subsequent fall of the Soviet Union contributed to the geopolitical unipolar state that we have today, choosing instead to remember how Ronnie Reagan singlehandedly beat the Russians (previously) to deliver ‘the End of History’.

We choose to remember the reality that was scripted for us and ignore the inconvenient bits. Again.

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