My Linkblog…

It appears that linkblogs may become a big deal.   I guess there still is a place for human collected and edited content on the internet.   So, if you are so inclined, my linkblog (aka my shared items via Google Reader) can be found here.



  1. In my opinion, link blogs, and the ability to see what others are viewing and sharing, are going to be a big deal in 2008. You’ve already seen the rise of ReadBurner, Shared Reader, and RSSMeme, and other services, like FriendFeed and AssetBar, have adopted the ability to integrate with Google in this way. Should be fun to see which services, and which people, rise to the top.

  2. Louis, thank you for the comment and link. I’ve played around with various LifeStream plugins but haven’t really been successful. In order for my personal lifestream (a more inclusive and personal linkblog) would include my Flickr,, digg, Google Reader, and StumbleUpon items. I don’t think, however, that there’s a personal benefit to aggregating my MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn data (and I don’t really use them anyway).