A Blogosphere Oddity: Half-Naked Thursday

If you watch the evening news, you'd know people are up in arms about teens and kids sharing too much of their personal lives online, including "suggestive" photos.

But that's not who they should be worried about – It's some of those same teens' parents! 

With this, I bring you the tale of Half-Naked Thursday.

(Note: Not me, not likely, not ever.)

Every Thursday, dozens, if not hundreds of (Google) Blogger users post "Half-Nekkid" photos on their Blogspot-powered blogs. The originator of the meme is some guy named Osbasso. He describes HNT as follows :

In that North American, Puritanical way that most of my readers think, "Nekkid", or its variations, somehow insinuates sex, or its variations. WRONG!! The purpose of "Half-Nekkid Thursday" is not to see sex acts! It is the celebration of exposure. Of your big toe. Of your breastbone. Of your knuckles. Of your uvula. Whatever. Of course, sex acts can qualify, so if you want to post those…..

It's an interesting, tight community, full of closeness & support (a good number of them seem to be recovering substance abuse addicts). Sometimes the photos are sweet and touching, sometimes a little exhibitionistic , and sometimes bordering on (if not all the way) hardcore.

If you wanted to browse some HNT posts, try these searches on Technorati , Bloglines , Blogpulse , and Google Blogsearch .

*Many if not most posts are not safe for work.

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