Faith in Politicians and Terrell Owens.

With my not being a sports fan, you might be suprised that I'm following the TO saga.  I was really suprised when Karl on PhillyFuture linked to a Texas newspaper's blog column, where the blogger was being ripped to shreds for basically saying "oh well" to TO.  Also being one to paint with a  broad stereotypical brush when it suits my needs, I find it interesting that these men (and women) so quick to bless and pray for TO can look at this "incident" totally independent of everything they previously know about TO.  I also find it curious that I saw one of the Holy Roller types on late night Christian TV talking about TO's book and how his mother never said she loveed him.  His constant attention whoring and the drama queen spectacle of his non-suicide attempt, especially given the fact that he will be facing the Philly fans in 10-days makes me hesitant to get all weepy eyed for him.

What is it with these guys?  What is it that lets them ignore essential character flaws and view every misstep as though it the first one, or even more curiously, to apply that rule to some people, namely other Christians, and to demonize others?

Delcotimes GOP-shill Gil Spencer stuck his tongue in Curt Weldon's ear a couple of weeks ago, and told us all how great he was, and why he deserves to be reelected.  He sharply criticized Melanie Sloan's CREW and their list of the 20-Most Corrupt Politicians, stating that it was nothing more than a partisan hit piece.  He also dismissed the fact that the list contained 17 Republicans, and 3 Democrats, still maintaining it was just liberal axe grinding.  Loyal to Weldon and the GOP to the very end.

Fast forward a week, and Spencer takes Weldon to task over his repeated blathering over Able Danger (neglecting to mention the book and repeated pumpings and primpings to foster an image as "an independent fighter for us").

I can't, for the life of me, figure out how one does not reflect on the other.  Can the demonization of liberals, the fear of terrorism, and the GOPs repeated covert-racism, pro-wealthy elitist, corporate-suckling, and paper-machie American Dream achievement strategy be so far ingrained in people that they are ignorant to facts to the contrary?  After everything we've learned, would a sane and rational person still maintain that the Administration is being honest with people?

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