The Colbert Report::Followup

It still seems like the established media is ignoring  Colbert's appearance at the White House Correspondents dinner, choosing to focus instead on the canned "double Bush" (video) piece. 

Lapdog: Book CoverIt appears Colbert broke the rules by roasting the attendants and dear leader (via satire, and not comedy), and not showering them with platitudes, or making light of shooting old men in the face, not being able to find WMDs that initiated the war in Iraq, etc.
Colbert was playing to the audience at home, not the audience in front of them.  I'm not sure who the non-coverage reflects worse on – how painful the satirization of Mr. O'Reilly and company is when not surrounded by cackling sychophants, how the Administration's talking points wither in the face of facts, or the impotence of the press and their failure to rise to the challenge.

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