GM Inside news forum member…

…nails the tenor of the usual "GM is dead" articles that show up in the press, like those of "Man with a Scarf" Jerry Flint of Forbes Magazine, and turns the tables on the petrol press:

McGarrett said on GMInsidenews:

Hey! Another positive GM article! Hooray!!!!

Q: How many times are you going to run stories about "the end of GM"?
A: As many times as we have to to scare away all investor and buyer confidence.

Q: Is’nt GM introducing a several new cars and trucks that are very competetive and well priced and should be very profitable for GM?
A: No…..GM does not make cars, all GM makes is ancient trucks, 4 speed automatic transmissions and OHV engines, and they are all low quality and get bad fuel economy.

Q: But what about reports that many GM cars are on par if not better that their European and Japanesese competition?
A: My dad had a Vega or something in the 70’s, it sucked, therefore all GM cars will suck forever, plus one time I was trying to pick up this girl and some guy in a Corvette did a serious "Charlie Bravo" on me, so therefore, GM sucks.

Q: Is it true that you guys are just import loving , American big business hating stooges that are just a couple of talking heads with questionable journalisim degrees and that you made this Q and A format up to make it seem as if you had something important to say, but in reality you are just rehashing stories that have already been reported to contine to kick GM in the nuts?
A: This interview is over, how dare you accuse me, I am getting in my Prius and getting out of here, dont need this, I dont have to take this crap from you…..I can go get a job a Consumer Reports or Car & Driver.

Cut to shot of Prius pulling out of parking lot with "manufacturer" tags on it….

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